You've got questions. We've got answers. Hopefully.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can get them from our ticketing website.


Your line-up isn't complete. What happens if it changes and I've already bought a ticket?

Keep an eye on our lineup and our Twitter account. If we move a show to a day you're not planning to attend, let us know and we should be able to change your ticket.


Why isn't [my favourite show] in the lineup?

Either because we've already asked and they couldn't make it, or we didn't think to ask! If you suspect it's the latter, tweet us and we'll see if we can't rectify that.


The tickets are surprisingly cheap / too expensive (delete as appropriate). Where does the money go?

Some of it goes to the venue (we've got a wonderful space in the centre of Birmingham that's perfect for a longer-form event like this, and they also do fantastic food), and some goes on other running costs. No-one's getting paid to perform at or organiser the event, so anything left over from this year will go into making the event even better next year.


What's the schedule of events?

We'll start at 3pm with an opening ceremony and words from the event organisers, Mark and Jon, then we'll go into the first show. Each show lasts 45 minutes with a break in-between. Halfway through the show we'll have a longer break so you can grab some food from the lovely people at the Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen.